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It's About The Journey

“Our goal has been, and will continue to be to provide a quality hunting experience in a private and natural environment while offering personal service that is friendly and professional.”

-Andrew Campbell

What we offer...

For us it is less about being successful and more about how we achieve our success. We pride ourselves on providing a challenging yet ultimately rewarding walk and stalk experience on free range game whether it be with bow or rifle.


Three clean, comfortable twin rooms.

Amazing local catering prepared by our in house chef.

What you hunt is predominantly what you eat.

Trophy Hunting

20 x Plains game trophy species available.

45 000 ha of pristine Namibian bushveld as a hunting area.

Free-range game.

Management Hunting

7 x Management species available.

Every season game species are accurately counted and based on population, size and number of animals, management species are determined for the season.

Predator Hunting

  * pending quota availability



Brown Hyena

About us

Let's give you the hunt you want.

The Family farms of 15 000 hectares have been in the family for over 70 years since the 1940s. The late Mr Andries Pretorius, our Grandfather, who served in the second world war in both Egypt and later in Italy returned home to Namibia after having lost a leg to an anti-personnel landmine. His late wife Mrs Zaidee Pretorius joined him shortly afterwards as she made the move from Somerset West in the Cape, South Africa.

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From our Hunters 

Avatar 94

" No fences, no guarantees. Just real hunting, with the nice Campell family. This place has become, my home away from home. And hopefully will be, for years to come. The setup with a "small" family farm, warm people, surrounded by farms with numerous opportunities, that can fulfill all your African dreams, is the perfect way to enjoy the full Namibian experience. All orchestrated by Andrew Campell. A true hunter at heart, and dedicated to his guests wellbeing. On his watch, there is no easy way, to the perfect adventure. But rest assured, that he will be by your side, all the way. Enjoy the evenings around the fireplace, under the stars, with stories from the past, or from the present trip. But be careful..... It's addictive.  "

Avatar 108
Andrzej Bilip

"This June I visited Okangawa Hunting Safari for a second time. My hunting buddy and I were so pleased with the first stay that we decided to come in a bigger group this time around. Andrew took good care of us from the very beginning of our stay and in comparison to our previous trip, we could see improvements in the camp, service, and the food was even better! For meat lovers, I highly recommend the barbecued sirloin prepared by Andrew himself, a cut taken from an antelope of the day. You will not forget this experience and taste very soon. We also had the opportunity to make two quick trips to some of the many tourist attractions of Namibia while we were there. This was a highlight to our trip but an addition to the main reason for our stay - hunting. Our trip was amazing as we were able to hunt three cats within a 48hour time period!!! It was hard to fathom that between two hunters we shot a Leopard and two giant Cheetahs. Though it was lucky it was not a coincidence, the hunt was extremely well prepared by Andrew, his staff and friends. We received an unlimited chance to stalk the plains for game on open and unfenced properties. This trip was not our last as we will be returning to satisfy our eyes, taste buds and souls."

Avatar 83
Henry Dann

"Okangawa Hunting Safaris has a very special place in my heart. I have been biltong hunting for many years in RSA until I discovered this Namibian gem. Located in the surrounds of the famous Omatako mountains makes this landscape a scenic & spectacular beauty. It also helps as a beacon for navigating your planned route during a hunt. We make use of the traditional "walk-n-stalk" method of hunting on our yearly visits to Okangawa Safaris which has always been successful with bringing home the biltong and drywors. Andrew is not just a professional hunter but an extremely good guide, "spoorsnyer", "braaier" and entertainer with tremendous bush knowledge. It is the place where you become part of the family and if you lucky enough to meet his wife, there will be lots of stories to be shared next to the campfire at night whilst the calling of hungry jackal can be heard in the background. This is true wilderness and a place where memories are made."


Tel. +264 (0) 81 832 4774

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Hunting Seasons


Trophy hunting in Namibia runs from the 1st of February till the 30th of November each year



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