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Who are we?

The Family farms of 15 000 hectares have been in the family for over 70 years since the 1940s. The late Mr Andries Pretorius, our Grandfather, who served in the second world war in both Egypt and later in Italy returned home to Namibia after having lost a leg to an anti-personnel landmine. His late wife Mrs Zaidee Pretorius joined him shortly afterwards as she made the move from Somerset West in the Cape, South Africa.


The injury would however not deter him from his dream of extensive beef cattle farming. He almost single-handedly built the farms from the ground up and whether it be through stubbornness or sheer determination,  he refused to relinquish his passion which was then farming, regardless of the numerous challenges he faced on a daily basis. Hunting in the early days was much more of a luxury than an additional form of income and has only recently become a relevant “egg” in the proverbial “basket” for Okangawa Farming & Hunting Safaris.


Subsequent to Mr Andries Pretorius’s departure from the farms, as he took over the role of Chairman of, amongst others, the Namibian Agricultural Union, his son Mr Peter Pretorius took over the reins and continued where his father had left off as the cattle farming moved from strength to strength. In 2002, my mother and father, Margaret and Ian Campbell entered into the family farming business. My mother Margaret, sister to Mr Peter Pretorius and daughter to Mr Andries Pretorius was born and raised on the home farm, Thorn Trees. My Father Ian was finally following his lifelong passion for farming after many years of running his own business in Windhoek. They farmed successfully in partnership with Mr Peter Pretorius till 2012 when my wife, Anneke, and I returned from South Africa to pursue our dream in Namibia.


And so, Okangawa Farming Partnership was formed which subsequently has become Okangawa Farming & Hunting Safaris as hunting within our partnership has grown from strength to strength every year and now is an integral part of our business but more importantly our passion. Every member of our partnership makes an invaluable contribution towards giving our guests a truly Namibian experience. Although very comfortable, we make every effort to expose our guests to the freedom of the Namibian bush while allowing them to explore the incredible beauty our farms have to offer.


Andrew Campbell

Managing partner

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